Silvian Heach

Silvian Heach is the spearhead of the Arav Group Womenswear with a strong identity for a woman who wants to feel charming and spirited, with garments with a significant style content and highly competitive pricing. A Silvian Heach woman loves good taste and quality products, combined with a strong passion for attention to detail. Bold characterisation that is reflected in the store fit-outs, as well as in the ADV images with their strong evocative power. The great attention to detail in terms of communication and the fashion on offer are the expression of the constant desire to stay close to the needs of the female target, to help them identify with the brand and make shopping time a truly gratifying experience.

60 DEDICATED STORES in Italy and abroad
65 PERSONALISED CONCESSIONS (including 16 at Coin and 9 at La Rinascente)
TRAVEL FLAGSHIPSTORE at Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa and Naples Capodichino airports
1.500 MULTI-BRAND RETAILERS in Italy and abroad
DEDICATED E-COMMERCE in all UE countries

The easy-to-wear, young, cross-cutting collection - characterised by on-trendy basics, to be worn on any day at any time. This is a line that takes its inspiration from the energy and enthusiasm of youth: a brightly-coloured palette, garments designed for the everyday life of an active girl who wants to build her own personal closet, with essential items: comfortable, everyday, timeless, necessary.

Silvian Heach DENIM
This is the Silvian Heach denim line: a fashionable, cool collection, perfect for all possible occasions. An iconic, timeless fabric like denim, an authentic must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, is at the heart of an entire selection garments that are easy to coordinate and to wear, with the right dose of glamour

Silvian Heach KIDS
The childrenswear brand, symbolic of the Silvian Heach world, produced by Arav Kids Spa, in two main lines: Heach Junior for boys and Heach Dolls for girls; a complete wardrobe for children aged from 1 month to 16 years, guaranteeing style and fashion content with competitive pricing. The brand is distributed through dedicated stores in Italy and multi-brand retailers in Italy and abroad, accompanied by an exclusive dedicated online store.

WIDESPREAD PRESENCE in Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, the Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Thailand
1000 MULTI-BRAND RETAILERS in Italy and abroad

The collection, the result of a licensing agreement with the carmaker brand, is dedicated to boys aged from 1 month to 16 years and offers up impeccably British style with a contemporary twist and a casual chic attitude. The distribution of the collections is entrusted to a network of top-level representative agents, both nationally and internationally, aimed at a channel of high-level target multi-brand stores.

WIDESPREAD PRESENCE in Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, the USA

The Eyewear collection, made entirely in Italy, presented in 2014 at Mido in Milan, is the latest extension of the Silvian Heach brand.

A fashion proposal that focuses on a wide selection of models that are absolutely in step with trends, divided between prescription glasses and sunglasses. The launch campaign starred singer Arisa, who gave a good interpretation of the spirit of the brand - which aims not just to be a simple pair of glasses but a veritable accessory that can enhance an outfit with a special touch.

The Silvian Heach Accessories collection is designed to provide a tasteful, sophisticated match for the garments in the womenswear collection, for an all-over style project dedicated to fashion-addicted lovers of the brand. The proposals, with a high fashion content and packed with creativity, are designed not only as simple accessories, but real must-haves to complete your look with an individual style. Finishes, appliqués and attention to detail are the guidelines of the collection, along with extreme versatility in terms of matching, to complete all kinds of outfits throughout the day, from morning to evening. Shoes, bags and belts available in models that are essential in the wardrobe of any fashion addict, for sale in all direct Silvian Heach retailers and franchise boutiques.